City Guide Philippines is primarily focuses on map printings to provide easier navigation in the Philippines. Its concept started from 1989 in Germany and presently, we have already expanded to Hong Kong and the Philippines. Travel Scout is our local office in the country and it is also the head office of City Guide Philippines.  


We promote businesses through our free “basic” slot advertisements wherein we feature our clients’ name to endorse them to the public. We aimed to supply well-detailed maps consisting of all the business establishments found within the specified district. Behind the success of City Guide Philippines is a professional team working on the accurate layouts and creative designs of the designated site.


Our readers always enjoy our maps. They take time to read through the different establishments located in particular vicinity. They look at the exact directions which helped them find their way to explore the town conveniently. Our maps stay in a regular circulation and our team ensures continual map refills and updates. From our daily work on City Guide Philippines, we are glad to hear that a growing number of people appreciate our issued maps. We are continuously receiving calls and emails from our clients telling us how grateful they are with our map publications.


City Guide Philippines city-guide-how-to-do-3produces instructive maps for tourists and locals of the Philippines. The map contains representations of every business with its corresponding location in a street map layout. Businesses are itemized according to category. Furthermore, we also include company logo as well as contact info through our advertisement slots. As a team, we seek to provide ample information with our beautifully designed maps to show the continuous emergence of the country.


  • City Guide Philippines will continuously publish city maps catering both tourists and locals of the Philippines.
  • We endeavor to introduce the Philippines globally to persuade potential travelers to visit.
  • We strive to incorporate pleasant representation of the entire navigation of each city in the country.
  • We aspire to create further maps for prominent tourist destinations and well-known cities promoting the beauty of the Philippines.


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