Angeles City Nightlife : Walking Street

Angeles City Nightlife : Walking Street

The world-famous Angeles City nightlife has something for everyone and for every budget. From small pool halls to world-class casinos and everything in between, the Angeles nightlife will be sure to get your heart pumping, adrenaline kicking in, and shift your libido into high-gear!

In the next few pages, we will give you an overall rundown of various entertainment options, their locations, and what they have to offer.

There is no shortage of places to go to have a good time, but without a doubt, the center of the city’s entertainment district is the Field’s Avenue/Walking Street stretch.

As soon as you start your journey into this area your senses will be bombarded with a dazzling visual and auditory display of neon signs, street vendors, music blaring, and beautiful ladies trying to get your attention and sway you into their respective establishments.

It is so much fun to just stroll around and observe all the activity and feel the energy of the street. If you start on the Fields Avenue end, you have to sample the Aqua Lounge at the top of the ABC hotel. This is a unique rooftop nightclub featuring DJ’s, live music, and gorgeous bars all surrounded by a huge wrap-around pool that you can relax in and cool off while enjoying your favorite beverage. Even better yet, you can rent out your own private poolside Cabana where you can party with some friends or a special guest.

Continuing towards Walking Street you will stumble across legendary girl bars like Insomnia, After Dark, Ace, Soya, Brown Sugar, and Angelwitch, all of which feature great drink specials, and of course, many tantalizing beautiful ladies.

Phillies Sports Bar, which is located just past Angelwitch, is considered a Angeles City icon and one of the best places to watch your favorite sporting event or favorite team on their massive theater-size HD screen. Shoot some pool, or just hang out and watch the colorful street life pass by as you enjoy a delicious meal or cold beverage either downstairs or on the upper level overlooking the street.

Just off of Fields before the start of Walking Street is the Score Birds Hotel, which features top models competing in the longest running bikini contest in Asia held every Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 6pm.

Directly across the corner from Phillies is the refreshed Envy Bistro Sports Suites, another first-class sports-oriented restaurant/lounge featuring huge screens, great food, with plenty of both outdoor and indoor seating, and of course, billiards as well.

Just a few steps past Envy is the beginning of Walking Street, which is the heartbeat and ground zero of the Angeles City party life. Next door to Envy you will see both the Mega Dance Center which is below the street and Hammer, which is an escalator ride up to the top of the building. These are both state-the-art discos featuring mind-blowing sound systems, spectacular laser light shows, and world-class DJ’s providing a pulsating soundtrack to the party.

From this point on as you venture down Walking Street, places like the Dollhouse, Centauro, Q Bar, and Club Atlantis will present themselves as some of the larger show clubs to check out. These venues frequently feature modeling contests and spectacular pole dancing and acrobats.

Some of the smaller go-go bars like Lollipop, La Bamba, Shooters, Rhapsody, and Shipwreck will provide a slightly more intimate but no less exhilarating experience partying with the gorgeous and friendly Filipina girls. Club Salambo (another large show club), Viking, Champagne, Apple, and Monsoon are all located across the street from Kokomo’s, another Walking Street landmark featuring a great food selection and a high, long, streetside counter perfect for people watching as you enjoy your meal or drink. Attached to Kokomo’s is Voodoo, the only girlie bar in Angeles featuring dancers on stage 24 hours a day!

There are many small restaurants, cafes, massage centers, and KTV lounges scattered throughout this section of Walking Street, as well as several other smaller go-go bars like CosPlay, Bamboo, Club Xanadu (show club) and Flamingo.

High Society is the first high-powered disco to establish itself in Angeles City and features talented DJ’S combined with fantastic lights and pulsating, bass-pumping sound system. It is packed here every night until 5am with partiers from all over the world and is an awesome high-energy place to dance, drink, and possibly meet the girl of your dreams!

Just past High Society as you near the end of Walking Street, you will notice Club Asia/Dragon on the right and then stumble into Bretto’s, a combination outdoor sports bar with billiards. It’s another great open-air people watching joint surrounded by a strip-mall of sorts encompassing a KTV lounge, go-go bar, massage parlor, and two live music clubs featuring bands every night of the week. Across the street from Bretto’s is another alleyway containing vendors, food, and three more girl bars at the end, including the only all-nude go-go bar in the area.