Angeles City

Angeles City is an exceptional metropolis situated in the heart of Pampanga province. It is a first-class city of Pampanga and one of the finest business districts in Central Luzon.

With a dozen of disco bars, luxury hotels and shopping malls, Angeles City is presently known as the “Entertainment Capital” of Pampanga. It is now one of the most wanted cities of the country with the world-class entertainment it brings. People from around the world desire to visit the country wanting to have a taste of pleasure that only Angeles City can give. It has been widely known because of the marvelous merriment you will experience here at night. You will be able to discover for yourself how amazing their performers from different clubs are. These are just some of the reasons why Angeles City never fails to give them a never-ending thrill.

angeles-city-fields-gate-300Angeles City is famous with its fantastic and superb festivity of the night life that you will exclusively experience here. Poker clubs, Resto bars with live performances from bands and all night partying are just few of the exciting things about Angeles City. Because of the fun and enjoyment Angeles City is bringing, foreigners coming from around the globe have been captured by the extraordinary amusement they have seen and witnessed. Most of them have already decided to migrate here in the Philippines and settle down for good. It is not a mere tourist attraction anymore because most of the foreigners, Asians in particular, established their businesses here for better opportunities since Filipinos are known to be hospitable that made them choose Philippines as an open door to success. That is why we already have our localized Korean Town in Angeles City wherein majority of the business are owned by Koreans. [yasr_visitor_votes size=”medium”]

Here are some Korean Town’s dining places: Woori Garden, Go! Gigib, Nam Kang, Blue Daisy, Gu-Yi-Ga, Single Bungle, Ammyundo, Dae Han Min Kun, Daemun, Jun Jun’s, Shinsun Su, Chicken Feet, 1970 Grill, Hyunjung, Ilmi,  Fat Boy Burger,  Boom Chicken, Tony J’s Italian, Yu Ganne 2, Yu Ganne,  Mythic Moogle, Sempai Japanese, Vietnamese,  Mimade, Hanna Rice Cake, Dae Na Mu Jip, Bada, Manchoo, Kiwon, Mr. Wang, Iguana’s, Charlie’s on the Bend, Kang San Ae, Halong Bay. And here is the list for Korean Town’s KTV Bars: KTV Diba, Goubugi Inc., 10 Pro Korean and ASSA Family.

Aside from the all-time favorite diners and KTVs, hotels and spas and other essential establishments are some of the popular businesses of Korean Town, namely: Korean Town: King’s Hotel & Poker, Halla Hotel, Valentine Hotel and Koa Hotel. Shopping marts such as Halla Mart, IM Mart, One Stop RE, Korean Mart, Hyunjeong Mart, Mansang Minimart, Sing Sing Himart, Jongno East Medical, AC1 Fitness, Mr. Park’s Bread & Cake, A-One Pharmacy, Anunas Fire Station, H & W Deli, Dental Clinic, Homs Printers, Wuri Tiger Lux Avenue, Cha High Plant, EK trading, LSK Hardware, Hullyu Fashions, St. Therese Eng’g Works,, Moon’s Salon, La Belleza, Citronella, Kent, Orange & Diamond Skin Care and Sharon Massage.

On the other hand, Angeles City

is not only bound to give that kind of fun alone, it also brings high-end quality because of its unparalleled hotels, inns and emerging condominiums that are perfect for families who wish to have a nice place to stay with and make them feel like home. The recently renowned Perimeter Road of Don Juico Avenue is now making its way to the top because of the ever-growing establishments built along the way.

Here are the commercial establishments found along the Perimeter Road. They have some of the finest restaurants in town such as, Jumong, NIJI, Go Kizip, Panorama Restaurant of Clarkton Hotel, Cosmo, Ginger’s Café Bistro, Cottage Kitchen, Grand View Italian Resto, Siam House, Savannah Restaurant, Angel’s Baker, Prestige, Myrnaki Greek, Amore Mio, VFW Post, Edelweiss, Big Hits, Sunset, America Restaurant, Al Bacio and Varia Asia. Since Balibago is the town’s most entertaining area, Perimeter Road also has something nice to offer when it comes to their Go-go Bars and Pubs. These are Kakao Bar, Mirror’s Club, Lost In Asia, Roadie’s, After School Bar, Orange Bar, Lipstick Bar, Silly Hut, Green B, Honey Ko’s, Hang Out, Thi Hi, Mischief, Porky’s, Midnight Rock, Fire Pit, Baby Dolls, Nasty Duck, Ice Bar, Garfields, Jolly Frog, Drill Shack, Big Hits, Candy Bar, .det 5, Blue Flame, XXX Bar, Ms Magic, Eruption, Dr. Holms, Brass Knob, Stampede Cherries, Show Time, Lune Time and Pony Tails.

The formerly known as the simple road of Don Juico Avenue is now the city’s “Hotel Domain” and the following are the different kinds of hotels that are exceptionally commendable: Brass Knob Hotel, Perimter Hotel, Daniela’s Place Apartelle, Phoenix Hotel, Vera Hotel, Red Tulip Hotel, Sydney Hotel, Tiger Hotel, Red Planet Hotel, Shilla Hotel, Tomobe Hotel, Clarkview Hotel, Eureka Hotel, Clark Imperial Hotel, Devera Hotel, Maharajah Hotel, Premiere Hotel, Sunset Garden Hotel, Clarkton Hotel, Grandview Hotel, Eurotel, Hotel EuroAisa, Oasis Hotel, Prism Hotel, Savannah Resort Hotel, ABC Hotel and Lewis Grand Hotel.

Another thing that attracted them the most are the business establishments within Angeles. For a night-loving person looking for a night long fun, Angeles City is the perfect place. Within its area, there is a pleasure haven called “The Walking Street” where endless merrymaking and amusement   is found. It will turn your night upside down for the most terrific after-dark experience that will make them wanting for more. It is the continuous streets of Fields Avenue and one of the famous areas of the town. Here are the different bars, hotels and restaurants that can be visited within the ever-famous area of Angeles City. For Go-Go Bars and Disco Clubs in the Fields Avenue, we have D’Club, Insomnia Bar, Crazy House, Bunny Ranch, Pussycat Bar, Bar Hoppin, Butterfly Rock, Angel Witch, Road House, Nenline Bar, White Wave, Sky Trax Disco, 1001 Night Bar, Bento Bar, Nana Bar, No.7 Bar, Aura Bar, Hollywood Bar, Texas Bar, Tight Jeans Bar, Color Bar, Viking Bar, Sea Star Bar, Zipper Rippa Bar, Stardust Bar, Monsoon Bar, Shipwrecked Bar, Kings Landing Bar, Muse Bar, Owl’s Nest Bar, Q-Bar, Red Bar, Club Atlantis, Centauro Bar, Dollhouse Bar, Valhalla Bar, Gecko’s Bar, Lollipop Bar, La Bamba Bar, Rhapsody Bar, Devilwich Bar, Vodoo Bar, Shooterz Bar, Sisters Bar, Nemesis Bar, Equus Bar, Bunker Bar, Grand Pharoah Bar, Club Atlantis Bar and High Society Disco.

Sumptuous restaurants of Fields and Walking Street are Genesis Restaurant, Margarita Station, Nenline Restaurant, Bunny Burger, Salvatore Pizza, Hangout Restaurant, Kokomoz Resturant, Terrace Grill, Red Windmill, Central Suite, Oppa II, Cantin, SSay Korean, Red Sea, Taqueria Real, Aura Restaurant, Sea Story, Jumong, Paradise Beer Garden and Terrace Snack. After a night long party, is would be nice if we have a resting place to stay in, and Fields Avenue offers exquisite hotels and inns such as Genesis Hotel, 950 Condotel, Natalia Hotel, Fields Hotel, Kokomoz Hotel, Central Suite Hotel, Royal, Amsterdam Hotel, Galaxy Hotel, Bangkok Hotel, Walk About Hotel and Dollhouse Hotel.

So come now and witness the exciting fun and enjoyment only Angeles can bring to you! We will be happy to guide you and rest assured that you will have your once in a lifetime experience only here in Angeles City.


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