Copywriter Job Overview

Copywriting blends creative writing with advertising, using the written word to create advertising copy and other promotional content. Copywriting jobs can take many forms, from writing blogs for search engine optimization (SEO) marketing to coming up with lyrics for the jingle to a TV commercial. The duties of a typical copywriter position might include:

  • Developing ideas for articles, ads, brochures, commercials, and other publications and transforming those concepts into words
  • Researching products, companies, and/or campaigns to prepare copy
  • Collaborating with marketing executives to plan and execute campaigns
  • Communicating with clients to determine their expectations for the copy
  • Employing SEO techniques in preparing online content, such as blogs or social media
  • Editing and rewriting copy as required by client feedback
  • Working with editors to incorporate suggested changes
  • Coordinating with graphic designers and other artists to complement the copy with visual elements

Copywriter Job Education Requirements

Copywriter jobs require a balance of creativity and business savvy. To obtain a full-time copywriter position, you’ll most likely need a bachelor’s degree, preferably in communications, English, or journalism. For technical or specialty copywriting, you’ll also need training and/or experience in the relevant field. For example, to qualify for marketing copywriter jobs, you’ll need marketing experience or coursework in addition to writing expertise. If you have an advanced degree, you might pursue higher-level copywriter careers, such as content director or digital content manager jobs.

Copywriter Job Market

The future growth of the copywriting profession is hard to gauge because the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lumps copywriters in with all writers and authors. The BLS expects the writing profession to experience slower-than-average growth in coming years. However, the BLS also points out that the burgeoning number of online publications and services might drive demand for digital content writers.

Skills and Experiences

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  • Sens for details, colors and modern design
  • PHP expert needed
  • jQuery guru
  • Html5 / CSS3 advanced
  • Wordpress experiences

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