Web Designer Job Overview

There’s more to web designing than creating beautiful websites. That is a big part of the job, but a lot goes into the design and creation of a website, and the web developer juggles many responsibilities. Some basic job duties include writing code, creating and debugging applications for the site, and working with clients to make decisions and develop plans for the site. Those who work in web designer jobs must bring the client’s vision for the website to life.

Web Designer Job Education Requirements

Most employers prefer that applicants for web designer jobs have at least a bachelor’s degree in web design or a related field, but some may be fine with one who has an associate’s degree in web design. In addition to the degree, a web designer must stay current on trends and apps that help websites look their best.

A web designer must be educated about writing code, programming, and graphic design. Web designers often work with graphic designers and art directors, so they need more than a basic understanding of those positions.

Web Designer Job Market

Things are looking up for web designers. Thanks to the fact that nearly any business must have a website to thrive and stay competitive, web designers are very much in demand. It’s also anticipated that the employment of web developers will grow a whopping 20 percent within the next decade, which is more than the average for other jobs.

Web Designer Job Salary Information

Web designers can expect to earn an average of around PHP 15.000 to 18.000 per month. Salaries vary a lot based on the company as well as the city of employment.

Skills and Experiences

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  • Sens for details, colors and modern design
  • PHP expert needed
  • jQuery guru
  • Html5 / CSS3 advanced
  • Wordpress experiences

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