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I am European, CEO of MbS in Makati Manila, I have been living in the Philippines for many years and my wife is a transgender and married to me. Today I once again wanted to visit this Discotheque, but was thrown out of the bar by her unfriendly security with my wife, as no ladyboys are accepted. a reason was not mentioned. The security, if they are properly trained, should be able to tell whether it is a prostitute or a normal woman. My wife is dressed normally and works as a manager in a renown fashion house in Manila. I find it a Discrimination how was dealt with me and my wife. Discrimination is also prohibited in the Philippines. since I have very good connections to the highest political and police circles, I will announce this Discrimination there. In addition, the nationwide smoking ban is not complied with. I wanted to spend tens of thousands of pesos with my friends, but this discotheque will never see me again.

Chris Dorner